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Award winning photographer

1st place winner of 2016 NPAC

Pictorial Category.

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colin d. horabin

Colin has been a photographer for 40 years.He studied Photojournalism at Kwantlan College and has been a member of NPAC.CA News Photographers Association of Canada for more than 25 years. He has worked in Germany for a daily newspaper, covering breaking news, politics, sporting and cultural events. His work has appeared in such newspapers as  Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Donau-Post, Abendzeitung, Der Neuertag, Bild Zeitung in Germany and the Vancouver Sun, The Province, and the North Shore News to name a few in Canada. His images have been published in many other publications in Germany through the stock agency to which he is an original contributor. He has many ongoing photo projects concerning the environment that he continues working on.  An image from his "The Plastic Planet" work has won a 1st place award from the News Photographers Association of Canada for 2016. He has a family, lives and plays in the outdoors of the  Sunshine Coast on Canada's wild west coast. He travels the world photographing and experiencing the worlds cultures, present and past. His motto "Live is Life" Opus.

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